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About Us

Our Factory

Jiwu Technology focuses on the design, development, production and sales of sewing machine motor and cutting machines. With high quality product advantages, excellent service and management system. It is loved and supported by the customers all over the world. The company's main brand "JIABEI TOOL" is growing,our products are exported to over 20 countries in Europe,South America,North America,Africa,Asia. Inheriting the essence of energy-saving manufacturing, we will develop more high-quality electric scissors, round cutting machine, thick material cutting machine,cutting machine,fabric electric cutters,scissors, We welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business.

Our History

  • In 1993
    we entered sewing industry and produced domestic sewing machine motor and industrial sewing machine servo motors.

  • In 1999
    the first generation portable cloth cutting machine was manufactured,it is also named round knife electric cutter. It is with brushes and still very popular at home and abroad.

  • From 2000
    to 2009
    we focused on the research and development of the core technology for sewing machine motors,cutting machines with high quality blades and spare parts, including its motor,worm and gear ,control panel ,knife and so on .

  • In 2010
    the intelligent direct-drive brushless energy-saving motor won the key product quality catch-up project in Zhejiang Province and was included in the technical research project to deal with world trade barriers by the Provincial Economic and Information Commission.

  • In 2011
    we were the pioneers of the first generation of direct drive servo motor.

  • In 2015
    the first servo-controlled circular knife cutting machine was manufactured.

  • In 2017
    the first cordless rechargeable servo rotary cutter was manufactured.

  • In 2019
    high power 168mm vertical servo cutting machine was created,cordless intelligent smart electric scissors was created.

Inheriting the essence of energy-saving manufacturing , we continue to grow and move forward...


We set up production and sales headquarters in Lishui.

We have a mechanical R & D center in Beijing and Shanghai.
We have electronic hardware and software testing centers in Hangzhou and Lishui.


We're the older generation of senior mechanical engineers.
We're the new generation of electronic information engineers.
We're the professional senior technicians.
We are the front - line professional production expert for over ten years.
We plough into research,development and production of cutting machine and industrial sewing machine servo motor .
We,the generation of 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.
A group of ambitious young people, who focus on design, photography, network, planning and marketing, etc.
We specialize in products,we concentrate on customer service.

Our Enterprise

In the future, we will continue to take root in the sewing and cutting industry.
Do best in the application of R & D and transformation new technology.
Do best in servo motor and automatic electronic control system.
Do best in servo cutting machine and cutting control system.
Do best in sales and service to create higher profits and greater value for the customers.

Future is coming,join us to win now.

Main Products

1、Fabric cutting machine

2、Hand-held Electric Cutter

3、Portable cutting machine

4、Cloth cutting machine

5、Round cutting machine

6、Corded rotary cutter

7、Cordless rotary cutter

8、Servo cutting machine

9、Electric scissors

10、Smart Cutter

11、Thick material cutting machine

12、Straight knife cutting machine

13、Sewing machine motor

Product Application

Product use:

And any industry in which the cutting can be used.

Production Market

With strong research and annual production capability of 200,000 sets ,the products can meet the standards of superb quality and diversification.We have won good reputation and close relationships from the customers at home and abroad.

Our service

Based on high production and research capability,we also provide services for OEM and ODM.

The members of foreign trade department have over 10 years professional ability with experience in industry,products knowledge,communication skill and service awareness.

If there is any quality problems,we provide one-year warranty service, free of charge to provide some vulnerable parts, and online service for you at any time. 

Our corporate purpose is integrity-based, which is also an important reason why we are getting better and better!

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